Thanksgiving gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of my grandmother, Pearl “Fluff” Salkowitz

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy this poem written by my Mommom in 1960 for her daughter (my mother) to read in school when she was a little girl. Known by many as Mommom, Fluff, Sis, and Petal, my grandmother Pearl Salkowitz, is also known as a poet and jingle writer. After working as a manicurist in barber shops across the city, Pearl began her professional career in the License and Inspection Department for the City of Philadelphia. She worked for and with many of our City’s greatest leaders. As each of her coworkers and bosses retired, she wrote a poem about their career, achievements, and character. A storyteller at her core, she has written hundreds of poems as well as advertisements and jingles for countless brands and products. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree and I feel blessed to have inherited her talent and passion for storytelling. I love you, Mommom. You inspire me everyday to work hard and breakthrough barriers.

With gratitude,

Your Madela Shmadela


There once was a turkey named “Sam.”
Who thought he’d live longer as a ham,
He’d say “Oink,” stead of “Gobble.”
And that was his “trobble,”
His Gobble got him into a jam.

When Thanksgiving Day was quite near,
He’d strut all around without fear,
No corn feed he’d swallow,
In a pig sty, he’d wallow,
“I’m a pig, not a turkey, ya’ hear?”

Then Sam saw a chick that was hot,
His disguise as a pig, he forgot,
He shrieked, “Yess, gobble, gobble,” And that was his “trobble,”
His “gobble” put him smack in the pot.

Written by Pearl “Fluff” Salkowitz, 1960

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