Creating one status update at a time doesn’t make any more sense than baking the lonely cookie over and over. It gets in the way of your schedule, because every time you want to share something, you have to set aside the time to write it and post it. You end up constantly task-switching, which can wreak havoc on your productivity without you even noticing.

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What a great quote to open up a topic we discuss frequently with our clients: [highlight]Setting aside time each month for your brand’s digital marketing efforts.[/highlight] The best advice we can give is simply, create a schedule or a set of goals that your brand can achieve each month. Setting unrealistic goals will only create unnecessary stress and increase the chance of failure. Start small and grow your social media each month.

Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone

Planning and scheduling social media content ahead of time is a common challenge we see with brands. Doing so allows your brand to be strategic, reinvesting the extra time – which previously went towards day-to-day social media sharing and posting – back into your business.

Marketing must be held to the same standards as any other intelligent investment. We believe it needs to cause action – to elevate, reach, exceed, respond, build, change, and most importantly – motivate.

According to eMarketer, creating original content was ranked one of the most effective SEO tactics but was deemed one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Meaning, while businesses understand the importance of creating original content, they find it a challenging task to complete, ultimately discouraging them to from investing in content marketing.

We understand and experience the same struggles and tight deadlines as you. Copywriting can be difficult, especially when you’re running a business. If that’s the case, it’s unlikely to be your top priority.

A great way to understand the value of creating content in advanced is by relating it to the success of your own business. For example, to have a successful and profitable month, it’s vital to plan ahead and purchase inventory based on your sales forecast.

Refraining from monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning leaves businesses scrambling to deliver their products and services in a timely fashion per request, or worse, getting stuck with excess product that doesn’t sell. Your brand’s time is precious, and should be devoted only to the activities that provide a strong ROI.

Ensure Your Brand Success

Planning your digital content well in advance allows your brand to be strategic, save time, and remain active on social media, to engage with and provide consistency to your followers. It is important to note, infrequent posting on social media will decrease your visibility overtime.

As always, please contact us with any questions or leave us some love below. There are a myriad of ways to strategically plan out content for social media. [highlight]How have you been successful?[/highlight] We’d love to hear from you!

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