The Broncos Weren’t The Only Superbowl Winners

Below is our list of the top Superbowl commercials – best and worst – which aired Sunday, February 7th. Our best of the best is made up of the brands that creatively told their story. Each commercial was unique, engaging, and overall memorable, providing the brands’ with their desired ROI.

However, while the ‘worst’ Superbowl commercials will not see an equivalent ROI, they will receive criticism for weeks to come. These brand’s have still achieved something worth noting, they have sparked a conversation and increased the reach of their brand’s advertisement efforts.

[highlight]It is important to note:[/highlight] We saw many brands make ‘safe’ investments – such as WeatherTech, Made in America and Marmot, Snow Angel. These commercials did not create a lasting impression with viewers, taking on the influencer charts, leaving investors with a drastically lower ROI.

Top 8 Superbowl Winners

1. The Bud Light Party, ft. Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer

Bud Light’s choice of Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer gave the brand a refreshing change compared to their past commercial campaigns. In addition to the campaign’s change of pace, the use of a political parody skit ensured the commercial’s continual growth as the elections draw nearer.

2. Hotline Bling

Drake’s ability to bring some humor to his song, Hotline Bling, played right into the hands of viewers around the nation.

3. Amazon Echo

Amazon’s first Superbowl commercial spotlight was a big success, featuring Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, and Missy Elliott.

4. Audi: Commander

‘The Commander’ was a heartfelt depiction of a retired astronaut finding a slice of happiness after the loss of his passion, being among the stars.

Best of the Worst

While the criticisms are sure to continue for weeks to come, take a moment to notice one thing, each of these commercials have people talking AND influencing social sharing with their opinions in tow across all social networks, spreading the brand’s reach beyond the 111.9 million viewers.

Although these commercials below are receiving large quantities of negative criticism, they will not be forgotten for some time. With the $3.5 Mill for a 30 sec spot, not including the cost of production or talent, why let your ad be forgotten? Leave an impact.

1. Mountain Dew, Puppymonkeybaby

Aka the jingle no one wants stuck in their head. The commercial – while irritating and uncomfortable to watch – is brilliantly linked with Mountain Dew’s newest hashtag #puppymonkeybaby, securing their abstract creation lives on after the Superbowl madness ends.

2. Shock Top

While this commercial lacks in action, it makes it up with the perfect dose of humor, as T.J. Miller sets forth on a battle of the wits against Shock Top’s Wedgehead.

3. Doritos

A commercial that will not easily be forgotten, even if you tried. Doritos took it to the next level as viewers witness a fetus’ reaction to a father munching on Doritos during an ultrasound.

4. T-Mobile, Steve Harvey “Drops The Ball”

Last but not least, Steve Harvey. While some would still be embarrassed after awarding the incorrect participant the title of Miss Universe, Steve Harvey is finally finding some humor in it. Take a look at the T-mobile “Drops the Ball” Superbowl commercial.

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