No. 1 Benefit for Small Businesses on LinkedIn

In the business world today, LinkedIn has become a must for every small business to include in their marketing strategy. With a large array of benefits – such as lead generation or building brand awareness – this social network provides small businesses with new opportunities to grow their brand.

The benefit that ranks in at No. 1 here at hG is LinkedIn’s opportunity for small businesses to boost their thought leadership credentials. We believe that becoming a thought leader in one’s industry is a great asset to businesses, ultimately leading to other benefits which normally would require additional investments (i.e. building brand awareness, strengthening brand trust, and/or trust in a brand’s products or services).


If you are the authority, we want to hear from you. Publishing original content that tackles industry issues and offers professional insight is the best way to boost your brand’s authority on LinkedIn. When publishing an article, brands have the ability to direct their articles towards a specific audience currently discussing this topic, allowing them to provide insight and share their expertise.

However, before publishing content on LinkedIn, let’s discuss the uniqueness of this platform and different types of users actively using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is vastly different from other social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is a professional networking platform, meaning the connections made here are entirely different than your followers on other networks. Your brand’s content must be created and curated specifically for this audience, and not simply recycled copy from your other social media channels.


Leaving LinkedIn out of your marketing strategy means your brand is missing an entire network of individuals who can benefit from your expertise. And if you are wondering if this network is right for your brand, we can help you there. If your business exists to address a problem and offer a solution, then you will benefit from adding LinkedIn to your brand’s marketing strategy.

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