Showing Gratitude: Ways to Show Your Customers You Care

It’s no wonder why gratitude is on our minds this week. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we wanted to dedicate some time to express the importance of appreciation to our clients, community, and beyond.  

One of the driving forces behind our philosophy at halfGenius, and behind every aspect of the creative work we do on the daily, is a keen sense of both community and philanthropy. The reality is, our clients quickly become family—and ultimately, the other half to halfGenius. Without their continued support and collaboration, weaving in their vision and objectives, we cannot successfully execute our creative process to its full capacity.

If you’re strapped this holiday season on both time and budget—it is well worth the investment and consideration to show a token of appreciation. We’ve rounded up 7 creative ways to show gratitude to your clients and customers this season—because a little bit of thanks can leave an infinite trail and lasting impression.


Print is not dead! Think of the excitement that comes with receiving an envelope in the mail with a handwritten address (making it clear it’s not a bill). Even better, is when enclosed is a handwritten note with a personalized message. Even if brief, mention a specific project you’ve worked on or a particular product they’ve purchased.


Everyone likes an excuse to celebrate. If you’re lucky enough to be near your clients, or work more intimately with your clients and customers, inviting them—or a select few—to an exclusive cocktail hour is way to show both gratitude and holiday spirit while having fun.


Go through your data from the past year and treat your best customers/clients to a loyalty program. Some great examples of this are Lyft’s refer-a-friend program where users receive $10 for referrals, Sephora’s beauty insider point system where shoppers rack up points to earn freebies of corresponding value,  and Amazon Prime where online shoppers pay an annual membership fee to enjoy free expedited shipping and other perks.


Showing gratitude can be as simple as offering a free and thoughtful gift that resolves a common pain point of your audiences. Hone in on a hard place your customers, clients, or subscribers are up against and offer a free digital download or actionable checklist to help them tackle the issue head on. If not a check list or e-book, make it fun, and offer something festive like a holiday or industry themed desktop or mobile wallpaper.


Take advantage of the calm right before the holiday storm (now is the perfect time) and spend quality face time with your clients. Pencil in some one-on-one lunch dates or coffee chats with your clients. Listen to their needs and reconnect on a human level.


Think back to any good reads you’ve had this year—or think forward to the books on your list that you haven’t gotten to yet. Compile a list of 5-10 great reads to share with your audiences who may be interested in the same subject matter or industry insights. If you haven’t read them yet, make it a ‘book-a-month’ challenge to actively engage with participating audiences through the new year.


Everyone finds comfort in a hot cuppa’ something. Whether it be a holiday spiced latte, rich hot cocoa, or a purist’s loose leaf tea—select a handful of customers and send them a gift card to their favorite local coffee spot and/or a custom mug stuffed with a festive blend.

In the bustle of the holiday rush it can be easy to forget the power of a sincere thank you. Your customers and clients are the support system for your entire business. It’s true, that your products or services provide value to their lives—but it’s impossible to deny the symbiotic needs between your business and customers. Generosity is a strong force and giving forward almost always ends up giving back, but it’s important to show appreciation to simply express your feelings of appreciation. The possibilities of showing gratitude are endless—and so are the benefits of building trust and loyalty among the ones who matter most.

 Jess Harrigan
Project Manager

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